Philosophy student arrested in Turkey

Jülide Yazıcı, a student in the Philosophy Department in Boğaziçi University who was active on social media supporting academics threatened by the Turkish government, was arrested two days ago. According to one source, she was charged with “being a member of an armed terrorist organisation” and “spreading terrorist propaganda.” The specifics of the accusations are unknown to her because the details of “terror cases” are kept secret. She is currently in jail and is expected to be so until her trial. Four  [correction] Two other students and one recent graduate from the university were also arrested.

A petition calling for her release is here (in Turkish and English). Please consider signing.

For more, go to Daily Nous, where you’ll also find an address to which you can send postcards to her in prison.

2 thoughts on “Philosophy student arrested in Turkey

  1. I believe this information is out of date. I believe she has been released but still facing charges. I have inquired, but perhaps someone else can update the information faster than I can.

  2. Jülide and three other students have been in jail since January 2016.

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