1752 Group: Ending Sexual Exploitation in Higher Education

An important new group.

The 1752 Group draws on expertise from our backgrounds in organisational change, private and public sector consultancy, facilitation, corporate training, grassroots activism, and research. As a lobby group our activities are intended to begin a national conversation leading to action around staff-to-student sexual misconduct and exploitation in higher education. Sexual misconduct by academic staff, and the sexual harassment of students by staff members is under-reported and under-researched. Higher education institutions in the UK are not doing enough to support complaints, address cultures of abuse, and implement policies and procedures to eliminate the sexual misconduct of students by academic and professional services staff.

For more, go here.

5 thoughts on “1752 Group: Ending Sexual Exploitation in Higher Education

  1. Dr. Saul,

    Thank you for sharing this encouraging news! Your work is immeasurably valuable to survivors and all women alike, and I am so grateful you are willing to be an agent for change.

  2. I am an early career Academic who is being forced to leave my post due to Harassment from two male serial bullies

  3. That’s awful to hear, Anonymous. Feel free to send a message through our contact page if you want to discuss it more.

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