What’s a president look like?

Trump is worried:

Well, I just don’t think she has a presidential look, and you need a presidential look,” Mr. Trump told ABC’s David Muir in an interview broadcast on Tuesday.

That echoed a remark he made Monday, when, speaking to a small group of mostly men in Cleveland, Mr. Trump asked skeptically, “And she looks presidential, fellows?”  [My stress.]

Here’s a good picture of some presidents:


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2 thoughts on “What’s a president look like?

  1. There’s also this article on Clinton’s response to a recent RNC tweet: “HillaryClinton was angry + defensive the entire time – no smile and uncomfortable – upset that she was caught wrongly sending our secrets.”

    She responded, “Actually, that’s just what taking the office of President seriously looks like.” and “Donald Trump chose to talk about his deep admiration and support for Vladimir Putin. Maybe he did it with a smile, and I guess the RNC would have liked that.”


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