Dialogues on Disability – Cecilea Mun

It’s that time again – Shelley’s latest interview is out. This time she interviews Cecilea Mun, who talks about being a first generation US citizen, a first-generation university graduate, starting a new journal, life with ADD, and much, much more.

My guest today is Cecilea Mun. Cecilea is a philosopher of emotion, currently at work on a manuscript entitled Interdisciplinary Foundations for the Science of Emotion: Unification Without Consilience. She is also putting together a proposal for an anthology entitled Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Shame: Theory, Method, Norms, Cultures, and Politics, for which she seeks a publisher, and will soon launch the Journal of Philosophy of Emotion, along with its associated Society for Philosophy of Emotion. Cecilea is seeking a full-time academic position that supports her research and currently works as a full-time adjunct at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, while spending quality time with her family.

You can read the whole interview here.