Black Lives Matter UK – UFFC remembrance procession

The United Families and Friends Campaign was set up in the UK in 1997 to seek justice for those who have died in police custody in the UK. Originally a group of black families, the movement has expanded to include people of different ethnicities (and their supporters) whose loved ones have been killed by the police. For the past eighteen years, the UFFC has held a remembrance procession around October, where people walk from Trafalgar Square to Downing Street in memory of the people killed. This year, the procession takes place on Saturday October 29th.

The UFFC calls for the following:

  • Prison deaths be subject to a system of properly funded investigation that is completely independent of the Prison Service;
  • Officers involved in custody deaths be suspended until investigations are completed;
  • Prosecutions should automatically follow ‘unlawful killing’ verdicts;
  • Police forces be made accountable to the communities they serve;
  • Legal Aid and full disclosure of information is available to the relatives of victims;
  • Officers responsible for deaths should face criminal charges, even if retired.