The View From Brexit Britain: America Still Has the Chance to Repudiate Hatred

This is a short piece I’ve written for the Huffington Post.  My hope is that reflections on living through brexit and its aftermath, and contemplating the US election, might move some who are considering staying home or voting third party.

Here’s the beginning.

I went to bed on the night of June 23 feeling nervous, but not so nervous that I couldn’t sleep. I knew that the polls on Brexit were running close, but I also knew that the bookies had never wavered in their conviction that we would remain in Europe. Also, I knew that the very worst of the Leave campaign had now come out so clearly that nobody could miss it. Just the previous week, they had produced a poster so close to Nazi propaganda that it was reported as hate speech. Later that same day, MP Jo Cox was murdered in the street for her pro-European views. Surely, I thought such naked xenophobia and violence would be the death of the Leave vote.

At 5.30 the next morning, I stared at the computer in shock and horror…