FPQ 2.2

The Fall 2016 issue of Feminist Philosophy Quarterly is online, and includes the following three peer-reviewed articles as well as an invited collection. In the two weeks since we pressed publish, our peer-reviewed authors have enjoyed, on average, one hundred downloads each. Would you like that kind of readership? Submit your work to FPQ! Come for the triply anonymized peer-review processes, and stay for the download rates. As always, we are open-access, free for authors and free for readers, thanks to the free publishing platform provided by Western University and the grants and support from York University, University of Waterloo, and the Kenneth Mark Drain Chair in Ethics at Trent University.

Published in FPQ 2.2:

Barrett Emerick, “Love and Resistance: Moral Solidarity in the Face of Perceptual Failure”

Claire A. Lockard, “Unhappy Confessions: The Temptation of Admitting to White Privilege”

Kurt M. Blankschaen, “Allied Identities

Invited Collection, The Challenge of Epistemic Responsibility: Essays in Honour of Lorraine Code

Anna Mudde, “Introduction to The Challenge of Epistemic Responsibility: Essays in Honour of Lorraine Code”

Christine M. Koggel, “The Epistemological and the Moral/Political in Epistemic Responsibility: Beginnings and Reworkings in Lorraine Code’s Work”

Susan Dieleman, “Responsibilism and the Analytic-Sociological Debate in Social Epistemology”

Catherine Maloney, “From Epistemic Responsibility to Ecological Thinking: The Importance of Advocacy for Epistemic Community”

Alexis Shotwell, “Fierce Love: What We Can Learn about Epistemic Responsibility from Histories of AIDS Advocacy”

Lorraine Code, “Knowing Responsibly, Thinking Ecologically: Response to Panelists”