Put that pantsuit back on

Feminists, the results of the 2016 elections in the U.S.A. are as bad as you think they are. I appreciate the observations of my friends and colleagues that the effects of the elections will be bad — for too many, dangerous — and have long-term consequences for decades. Many are disappointed, heart-broken, afraid. Those feelings make sense and can lay one low.

When you’re ready, though, remember that this is not our first rodeo, that we didn’t really believe racism and sexism were ever actually gone, and that we are still here. We still gave more of the popular vote to a feminist woman than the President-Elect received, and the single best hope of reducing the amount of harm before us is to start the race for seats in the House of Representatives in two years.

You might have worn a pantsuit yesterday or all-white clothing in honor of the suffragettes, a t-shirt saying you’re with her or that today, pussy grabs back. You probably need a break from even looking at that sticker, pin, or yard sign that you sported with hope. But when you’re ready, we’re going to need you to, metaphorically speaking, put that pantsuit right back on.

I heard a bit of the victory speech by Trump today, the portion in which he said that running for President was the hardest thing he’s ever done. Get ready to make it harder — after you catch up on that lost sleep, of course. Before you fight the patriarchy, you must have something to eat.

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    I know this is a fitness blog but it’s also a feminist blog and Tracy and I are both too shocked and sad to write much today. Yes, we’re Canadians but the US election had us in its grips on us too. Here’s some strong words from Kate over the Feminist Philosophers blog.

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