NEH Summer Institute: Philosophy and Sexual Violence

The application deadline is March 1 for the NEH Summer Institute, “Diverse Philosophical Approaches to Sexual Violence,” directed by Ann J. Cahill and to be held at Elon University in North Carolina. Feminist philosophers will appreciate the central themes including embodiment, consent, and the role of the state! The visiting scholars contributing to the Institute include Debra Bergoffen, Susan Brison, Louise du Toit, Nicola Gavey, Renée Heberle, and Sarah Clark Miller.

Texas: Funerals for abortions, miscarriages

Even when “the embryo is so small as to be invisible,” as David Brown, a staff attorney for the Center for Reproductive Rights, explained over the phone, the doctor or health care provider will still have to treat it like a dead person and hold some kind of burial or cremation for it. …

“It may dissuade women who need medical care from seeking medical treatment,” he noted.

The law exempts women who abort or miscarry at home, after all. If a woman starts to miscarry at home, but knows she may be forced to pay for funeral services if she goes to a hospital for help, she might stay at home and hope that the failing pregnancy works itself out on its own.

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