2 thoughts on “Men do philosophy of language

  1. I saw a theology book last week on seven significant women in the Christian tradition, written by a man?? The Australian edition of the Guardian pointed out two weeks ago that Australian women are still paid less than male equivalents. Just seems to take forever to move forward on real things.

  2. Well isn’t philosophy by definition exclusive to women? To me it very much feels that the first rule of philosophy is you have to be male to do philosophy. Since it is and has been men shaping and defining philosophy always making sure to exclude woman from all definitions of human, consciousness and being within their thought explorations-we will always fall short and be on the outside by the fact that we are not men.
    And we will never be able to ‘join’ as we are not seen as equal based on our gender, and you can even see why men would have an interest in wanting to dominate the other sex.
    So maybe we should stop trying to fit in by following the same trodden path of man’s philosophy (which has brought us milennia of wars, abuse and destruction generally affecting women) and instead come up with a creative, engaging and all inclusive (women and men) philosophy which doesn’t focus on who’s right and who’s wrong but on making things work for sustainable existence.
    Why not become proactive in organising a philosophical discourse inviting women philosphers as speakers and taking these to the local communities? I think it is about time the other 50% of humanity start to get involved and become participants in the conversations and practices of making and defining life, quality and values.

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