Reader query: feminist applied ethics papers

I teach philosophy at a community college,  and I’m looking for suggestions about accessible papers in applied ethics that could be used in an introductory ethics course. I teach a Feminist Philosophy course in which we talk about a variety of feminist theories and their application, but I’d like to find a paper for my Ethics course that (a) is on an applied issue of contemporary interest, (b) makes an argument from a feminist perspective, (c) is accessible to students who are relatively new to philosophy, and (d) is self-contained – i.e. doesn’t need lots of previous explanation of the ideas and concepts in it.

I’m wondering if you or your readers have any suggestions. I’d greatly appreciate any help you could offer!

5 thoughts on “Reader query: feminist applied ethics papers

  1. Sharon Crasnow and Joanne Waugh, Philosophical Feminism and Popular Culture contains a number of essays that might work

  2. This might not be quite what your reader is looking for, but since no one else has chimed in I’ll suggest Howard Curzer’s “An Aristotelian Critique of the Traditional Family.” I’ve taught the paper before, and it has worked very well.

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