Wise planning: consider what a non-academic job could be like

Note from ajj: We received the note below. I went to the site and could suudenly see how I might find a non-academic job. The career discussed also seemed in many ways better than an academic job. SO HAVE A LOOK!

Name: Eleni Manis

Email: elenimanis@gmail.com

Website: http://www.PhilSkillS.com

Message: Hello. I’m writing to point you to my interview project with philosophers in non-academic careers, now online here:


A little bit about the project:
I conducted these interviews after leaving my job as a philosophy professor to work in government and the political arena. The Phil Skills website was built by Jitendra Subramanyam, a fellow Michigan philosophy PhD who runs his own IT consulting company. Stephanie Wykstra, who works on open science and data-sharing, contributed two interviews.

Why do this? For me, it was helpful to hear about other philosophers’ career paths as I framed my plans. I was inclined to consider advice from philosophers, given our shared background. Their camaraderie helped, too—it’s good to have company that has been there and done that. The interviews are online in hope that others will benefit from the project as well.

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