Symposium on Alex Madva’s “A Plea for Anti-Anti-Individualism”

Over at the Brains Blog, there is an excellent Symposium on Alex Madva’s new paper, “A Plea for Anti-Anti-Individualism,” which was recently published in Ergo.  There are replies from Saray Ayala-Lopez, Sally Haslanger, and Jenny Saul.  Check it out here.

One thought on “Symposium on Alex Madva’s “A Plea for Anti-Anti-Individualism”

  1. For the claim that structural changes are insufficient, consider the rise of nativism, xenophobia, and racism. At least in USA, this racism has always been present, and African-Americans have been saying it for years. But, with the events of the past year, the rug got thrown out and the dust swept under it got kicked around.

    MLK himself believed in both types of changes, arguing that structural changes could only desegregate, but only individuals could integrate.

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