Dear Fellow White Dudes…

Ethan Mills has a post, “Dear Fellow White Dudes” on his Unexamined Worlds blog.  Mills begins his post by noting, “Man, it’s pretty awesome to be a white dude!  But you’d never know it if you listened to a lot of white dudes these days, which as a white dude myself I find kind of weird.”

He then explores and addresses the contradictions, tensions, and confusions underwriting a particular stance toward the world – he calls it being a “white dude,” but it may cover both less and more than that on the reasoning that not all whites dudes sign on to the culture he describes and more than white dudes may do so.  That’s neither here nor there.  The main thing is to point you to the post itself, which is well worth a read and very astute about the strange cultural moment we occupy.  Mills writes with sympathy and sensitivity, even as he critiques.   Read it here.

One thought on “Dear Fellow White Dudes…

  1. Thanks for sharing my post! It did occur to me somewhere during the writing process that my use of “white dude” covers, as Prof. Manners points out, both more and less than a straightforward use of the term. I decided that the post had enough academic-style distinctions and clarifications for a blog post meant for public consumption. The caveats that Prof. Manners mentioned should be supplied for those readers who want them: sometimes I mean white men in general in the United States, but other times I mean a certain kind of person, who may be neither white nor a dude. Perhaps the conceptual analysis of “white dude” is a subject for a future post!

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