Valerie Tiberius on the well-being of philosophy

A  fascinating, rich discussion of what is good for philosophy’s well-being.  She approaches this in the same way that she approaches the issue of how friends should advise one another.


Given my research, I started thinking… what if PHILOSOPHY were my friend?  I might worry.  Philosophy, what are you doing with your life?  You’re in the news, and not in a good way.

Thinking about philosophy as my friend led me to wonder what would happen if I took my own approach to helping and applied it here.  And that led me to creating a survey, which I hope many of you saw at the end of last summer (2016), called “The Value of Philosophy Survey”.  As I would do if I were approaching an individual friend in need of help, I wanted to know:  what are your values, philosophy?  As is inevitable, I came to the encounter with my own values to discover what we have in common, philosophy and I.  Given my own research and experience, I had particular interests in interdisciplinarity and in how philosophy engages with questions and problems that matter to people beyond philosophy.  Looking at the discipline, I thought diversity was another value worth considering.  I also convened an advisory board of people from different types of institutions and with different backgrounds who helped me generate more questions, and then I tried to reach as many participants as possible.

Do read it!