Women in academia do more service

“We find strong evidence that, on average, women faculty perform more service than male faculty in academia, and that the service differential is driven particularly by participation in internal rather than external service,” the study says. “When we look within departments — controlling for any type of organizational or cultural factor that is department specific — we still find large, significant differences in the service loads of women versus men.”

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4 thoughts on “Women in academia do more service

  1. My observation is that we do more service than men because we value service more. We understand that maintaining a functional department takes energy and time, and we are willing to commit ourselves to doing that work. Many men in my department seem comparatively indifferent to how healthy we are as a community or fail to see themselves as capable of improving our department through service.

    Ultimately, I think that we need to expect more service from men when it comes time to renew tenure and we need to informally give men a tough time for not being team players. I firmly believe that women are not over-serving our departments, rather, men are failing in their communal obligations. Without adverse consequences, that will not change.

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