Feminist Philosophy syllabus resources

A reader writes:

In our department, we want to develop a new undergraduate, general education course on feminist philosophy. We also want to hire a feminist philosopher to teach it, since nobody in the department is an expert in the field. But we have a chicken-and-egg problem: we need to get the course approved before the hire (long story). Could you please post this to solicit help from your readers on constructing the course description and syllabus?

There are some constraints:

1) It would need to be analytic-friendly, though not necessarily exclusively analytic.

2) To satisfy general education requirements (another long story), it would need to substantially feature a wide range of perspectives beyond the standard voices in western philosophy. That is, it needs to include perspectives from different cultures, understood broadly. Though again the orientation and plenty of readings again can come from standard analytic philosophy, this emphasis on cross-cultural comparisons can’t be tagged on at the end as an afterthought; the course won’t be approved if it doesn’t include real study of diverse cultures throughout (while staying on the topic of feminist philosophy).

3) Because it will be a general education class, it needs to be appropriate for sophomore-level students with no relevant background.

Any suggestions for readings, course descriptions, unconventional assignments, etc., would be welcome. Also, please share any links to existing syllabi that you think are useful. Thanks for your help on this!

I’d suggest looking at the APA page of resources for diversifying philosophy.

And I’d welcome suggestions from others, in comments.