Help keep St Mary’s Philosophy open

From the BPA:
The BPA understand that St Mary’s University is consulting on the closure of its Philosophy BA programme.  A group of students at St Mary’s have put together an online petition to generate a public of show of support for philosophy at St Mary’s, and I would like to encourage you all to sign it. You can find it here:
Philosophy at St Mary’s has an outstanding reputation for Widening Participation, and for being able to address challenging but foundational questions in the academically rich context of a Catholic university. This makes St Mary’s a very important provider – and an increasingly important one as UKHE continues to change – of a degree-level education in philosophy for students who for various reasons approach higher education with different ideas and backgrounds than they do in many other institutions.

We are not sure how far along in the process of making this decision they are, or what the timeframe for this decision is looking like, but we want to help the students and staff at St Mary’s to feel supported by the wider philosophical community, and to encourage the management to explore all of the options for keeping this programme alive.

Do consider signing the petition!  All signatories welcome, including international ones.

4 thoughts on “Help keep St Mary’s Philosophy open

  1. Just to let people know: I tried to sign but couldn’t: a postal code is required and a US zip code isn’t recognized as valid.

  2. Someone needs to let those asking for signatures that the web page refuses to accept valid zip codes and needs to be fixed. You cannot sign the petition unless the zip code is accepted.

  3. I tried to sign, but the website insists that I have a “valid” “postal code.” My US zip code wasn’t good enough! Help?

  4. There’s a new petition that takes international signatures. See more recent post.

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