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  1. My comment was a bit tongue in cheek, but not entirely. To put the contrast as fairly as possible, one might say that as fascinating as genitalia are, for the most part they are not very high in aesthetic value. If that is so – and I do think it is debatable – then the interiority of female genitalia is an advantage for various purposes, among them some kinds of art.

  2. I enjoyed the article very much. The artist not only photographed the genitals of 100 men, but also interviewed them at length about aspects of their masculinity and sexuality. The interviews excerpted in the article address issues of racialization, disability, and trans identity, and I found them quite moving, so I am grateful that the article was brought to my attention by this post. That being said, I don’t appreciate the gratuitously penis-negative framing comments by which it was introduced. As the artist mentions, many of the men photographed had experienced teasing and shaming related to their genitals. Emotional relationships with body parts treated as taboo are complex, for men as for women. Perhaps it would have been worthwhile to say something about this in the post.

  3. SI, my comment was so absurd, I’m surprised at the negative reaction. Had I foreseen the reaction, I might have written something very different. Absurdity that is taken seriously has probably failed. Though honestly, I am surprised.

  4. I read the article after reading Sherri Irvin’s comment, and also found it fascinating. There is a prominent link to a similar article on an earlier project, photographing and interviewing women about their breasts. Looking at both articles together, and primed to think about artistic representations, my first thought was that bodies of all sexes are much odder, hairier and asymmetrical than any depiction of bodies that we are likely to see. I felt incredibly uncomfortable reading both articles, but somehow felt much more comfortable in my own (female, hairy, asymmetrical) body over the next day.

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