“Passing the Trash”

A really important story from Tyler Kingkade at Buzzfeed.

Federal law requires universities to take certain steps when dealing with sexual misconduct on campus, and if it’s a case involving two students, schools have to disclose the outcome in writing to the accuser and to the accused. But there’s no similar requirement that they disclose what happens to faculty who are accused of harassment. Too often, critics say, schools agree to keep such accusations quiet if employees resign and go elsewhere. The system is known as “passing the trash,” and in higher education, the “trash” often refers to high-profile professors who bring status and money to universities that either ignore or are unaware of past scandals.

Read the whole story.

One thought on ““Passing the Trash”

  1. Here’s a perhaps orthogonal question: what happens to students who harass faculty members—sexually or otherwise? It happens. And not clear that the power-relation is entirely on the side of faculty: students have the power of numbers and, at expensive commercialized private universities like mine the customer is always right.

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