Be her, too

You probably saw one of the memes about August Landmesser, whose failure to do the Nazi salute is memorialised in a famous photo that is part of the Topography of Terror exhibition in Berlin.


In the same exhibit I saw a much less famous picture.  I don’t know who this woman is.  But someone needs to make a meme.  Surely the expression on her face gives one plenty to work with.


6 thoughts on “Be her, too

  1. There are actually two women. The obvious in the white coat, and another seven people to the left with a black coat, hat and purse. They have strikingly similar expressions on their face. Great photos Jenny.

  2. Looks to me that there are at least two women in the lower photo not giving the salute. Far right and seventh in from right.

  3. I love that second picture :-). Her expression is meme-gold. Thank you for bringing it to people’s attention.

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