A national movement? An addition

Sheet cake for flags and guns?

Maryscott O’Connor on Facebook draws our attention to an extended line of criticism of Fey’s piece. The idea is that it is the height of white privilege to look at the the scene in Charlottesville and start eating cake.

I think I see it differently, but that doesn’t delegitimize people who have found it very offensive.

2 thoughts on “A national movement? An addition

  1. Regrettable trans- and race-adjacent joke aside (at the 2:00 mark), “let them eat cake” has an excellent track record.

  2. Jake, I was taken aback by her saying all drag queens are 6’4″ black men. I think, however, it is not her joke. There’s nothing amusing in a cool feminist saying something as false as that. Rather, she is describing drag queens as seen by racist homophobes – i.e., as frightnening figures in the eyes of people full of homophobic and racist fears based on stunning ignorance.

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