How to protest without offending white people

Many thanks to commenter Prime for the link to this powerful piece by Michael Harriot.

Many people were surprised when President Donald Trump suggested that NFL team owners fire players who quietly choose to sit out the national anthem before games, but I was not one of them.

Even though they thought they’d solved the anthem problem by blackballing protest starter Colin Kaepernick, the residual insolence displayed by the players roiled white people to no end because their protest was so disrespectful—not to a 250-year-old cloth logo or a Francis Scott Key bar song. Taking a knee is disrespectful to whiteness. It is not that white people can’t understand Kaepernick’s point of view; it’s that—to them—any other point of view is nonexistent.

For future reference, we have put together this handy-dandy checklist for designing a protest that white people will find inoffensive and respectable.

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2 thoughts on “How to protest without offending white people

  1. Please tell me that that is a satire. Lol. If it’s totally serious, and not tongue-in-cheek, then I am baffled. I can’t help but read that essay through its opposite meaning.

    Please tell me it’s satire because it is so perfect is if it is satire.

  2. … because if it is not tongue-in-cheek then it totally goes against every sort of effective spiritual practice. The point of spiritual practice is to shock people out of their slumber, to confront what they understand as regular and to eject them from what they ride upon as normalcy.

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