APA talks of interest to feminists!

Susanne Sreedhar has asked us to post this:

The 2018 Eastern APA is rapidly approaching in January. This year’s conference promises to stand out in its focus on philosophical topics and questions of interest to feminists and critical race theorists, as well as philosophers of gender, sexuality, identity, and political vulnerability. There are sessions on topics from “Black Feminism After Trump” to “Continental Feminism and Trans Studies: Queer Curiosity” to “The Philosophical Significance of James Baldwin” to “Refugees, International Law, and the Obligations of States” to “Masculinity” to “Philosophy and Activism.” Virginia Held is giving the Dewey Lectures. Nancy Frasier is giving the presidential address. Come hear Charles Mills and Cornell West on capitalism, Steve Darwall and Howard McGary on reparations, George Yancy, Tommy Curry, and Naomi Zack on the status of Blacks in philosophy, Danielle Allen on education and equality, and Elizabeth Brake on marriage.

For all of this and more, I would like to draw your attention to the list below. Because there so much, I’ve only included the session titles. Please check the program for full information. While this isn’t an exhaustive list of all the exciting philosophical work being done in new areas and by new scholars – and my sincere apologies to those I’ve inadvertently left out! – I take it to be representative of the fresh voices, topics, and ideas currently invigorating the APA. Of course, diversity and inclusivity are always a work in progress, and there is still so much to be done on several fronts, but I take this to be a promising development in the character of our professional organization.

As you can see, these sessions feature an amazing array of exciting philosophical scholars, both established and emerging. Those of you familiar with past programs will recognize that this is an exciting and welcome new direction for the Eastern APA. I hope you will join me in Savannah in January for what promises to be a stimulating and provocative philosophical conversation.

I would be grateful if you could circulate this list to your networks, forwarding it to individuals, groups, and listservs to whom it may be of interest.

For general conference information, including registration and hotel information and paper abstracts, see here:


For the entire program, see here: http://c.ymcdn.com/sites/www.apaonline.org/resource/resmgr/Eastern_2018/E2018_Meeting_Program.pdf

Note on the second page of the program, it says:


Beginning this year, as a show of the APA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are introducing pronoun stickers for your name badge, including blank stickers that will allow you to use a pronoun of your own choosing. Stickers will be available for pickup at registration and can easily be worn as a show of solidarity, and a means of making our annual conference a friendly and safe environment for all.


Gender-neutral bathrooms and a quiet room will be available at the Convention Center.

For other conference information, including registration and hotel information and paper abstracts, see here: http://www.apaonline.org/event/2018eastern

A representative sample of sessions of interest:

Invited Symposium: Black Feminism in the Age of Trump

Invited Symposium: Continental Feminism and Trans Studies: Queer Curiosity
Invited Symposium: Democracy After Trump

Invited Symposium: Discourse and Power under Oppression

Invited Symposium: Eating and Agency

Invited Symposium: Feminist Philosophies of Life

Invited Symposium: Intersectionality and Solidarity
Invited Symposium: Intersections of Continental Feminism and Philosophy of Race

Invited Symposium: Language and Politics

Invited Symposium: Marriage, Contract, and Care

Invited Symposium: Masculinity

Invited Symposium: Philosophers Theorize Capitalism

Invited Symposium: Philosophy and Activism

Invited Symposium: Refugees, International Law, and the Obligations of States

Invited Symposium: Speech, Identity, and Privacy in the Age of Social Media

Invited Symposium: Stereotyping and Stereotype Threat

Invited Symposium: The Philosophical Significance of James Baldwin

Invited Symposium: Women Philosophers 1600 – 1900: A Workshop

Author Meets Critics: Amy Allen, The End of Progress

Author Meets Critics: Danielle Allen, Education and Equality

Author Meets Critics: John Corvino, Ryan Anderson, and Sherif Girgis, Debating Religious Liberty and Discrimination

Author Meets Critics: José Jorge Mendoza, The Moral and Political Philosophy of Immigration

Colloquium: Epistemic Injustice in Philosophy

Colloquium: Group Harms and Group Resistance

Colloquium: Philosophy of Race and Identity
Colloquium: Sex and the Body
Symposium: Contingent Labor in the Academy: Precarity, Power, and Ideology
Symposium: “Non-Idealizing Abstraction” as Ideology: Nonideal Theory and the Power Dynamics of Oppression

Symposium: Self-Blame and Sexual Violence: A Feminist Intervention

Society for Analytical Feminism

Society for LGBTQ Philosophy: Topic: (Out)Rage: Trans and Queer Practices of Resistance
Society for Mexican American Philosophy. Topic: Resistance, Identity, and Justice

Society for Mexican American Philosophy. Topic: Racism, Alienation, and Decolonialism

Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World: Topic: Author Meets Critics: Jerry Miller, Stain Removal: Ethics and Race

Committee on Asian and Asian-American Philosophers and Philosophies. Topic: Diversity in Philosophy

Committee for Inclusiveness in the Profession. Topic: Peer Review, Underrepresented Scholarship, and (Questions of) Responsibility

Committee on Philosophy and Medicine: Topic: Folk Race Concepts and the Pursuit of Medical Knowledge: Epistemic and Ethical Considerations

Committee on Public Philosophy: Topic: Reparations

Committee on Public Philosophy: How to Address Authoritarianism