Feminist Philosophy Quarterly 3.3

On behalf of co-editors Samantha Brennan, Carla Fehr, and Alice MacLachlan, I am pleased to announce the publication of Volume 3, Issue 3, of Feminist Philosophy Quarterly!
Table of Contents:
1. Hermeneutical Injustice and the Problem of Authority, by Komarine Romdenh-Romluc
2. Dismantling Purity: Toward a Feminist Curdling of Hawaiian Identity, by L Brooke Rudow-Abouharb
3. Objectivity, Diversity, and Uptake: On the Status of Women in Philosophy, by Michelle Ciurria
4. Are Second Person Needs ‘Burdened Virtues’?: Exploring the Risks and Rewards of Caring, by Katharine L. Wolfe