Diversity in Philosophy initiatives

Jessica Moss (NYU) and Edouard Machery (Pitt, HPS) sent us the following note, which will be of interest to many of our readers:

There are now several well-established initiatives aimed at addressing the lack of diversity of philosophy (http://www.apaonline.org/page/diversityinstitutes). To support these efforts, NYU and Pitt have recently decided to waive application fees related to their PhD programs in Philosophy (NYU and Pitt) and in History and Philosophy of Science (Pitt) for students who participated to these initiatives. We suspect other schools have similarly waved their application fees and we invite them to advertise their efforts in the comments thread.

2 thoughts on “Diversity in Philosophy initiatives

  1. Definitely an initiative in the right direction, I hope other departments follow suit! There is a worry I’d like to raise though, concerning international applicants. Since international students are ineligible for some of these initiatives it seems to disadvantage international applicants from the groups concerned to base a fee-waiving policy on participation in these initiatives. A policy to waive fees for applicants from underrepresented groups across the board definitely seems preferable. What are people’s thoughts?

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