Reader’s request: feminist philosophy of mind

please share any knowledge you have of bibliographies of feminist philosphy of mind.  Also, please let us know of any new or forthcoming work of note.


(Those interested should know that OUP will shortly publish an anthology of new work on Feminist Philosophy of Miind, ed by McWeeny and Maitra.)

6 thoughts on “Reader’s request: feminist philosophy of mind

  1. hello everyone,
    I created this site for a philosophy of mind course i’m teaching:
    It’s not strictly feminist philosophy of mind, but it contains a feminist-friendly reading list (e.g. Christia Mercer on Teresa de Ávila, Elisabeth of Bohemia’s letter to Descartes, Esa Díaz-León on sexual orientation as mental states, Monima Chadha on the buddhist no-self, Zoe Drayson on the extended mind, Jules Holroyd on implicit bias, Margaret Boden on creativity).
    There is also a paper by William Wilkerson on sexual orientation and choice that I’d classify as feminist philosophy of mind: , and Díaz-León and myself have papers on the same topic, here:
    and here:

  2. You remind me Justin Trudeau’s speech about to be feminist, i.e.He says “Raise boys as feminists to change ‘culture of sexism’. I like his personality very much and he is one my idle. However come to the point, I know that you speech out the fact with great miseries and about all are right. Lets come back to Justin Trudeau’s speech, actually he is right, parents should raise their children as they not should, but have to respect the women and give them free space to the freedom. Actually we have to change dominant mind to woman, which would make possible by our parents and society. This is a positive feminist philosophy of mind…hope we’ll get through it…

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