FPQ Issue 3.4 published

The ontology of pregnancy, resisting body-oppression, credibility and sexual assault, a map of the arrow of care, utilitarianism as good for women, and focus groups on women’s under-representation in philosophy, all await you at the new issue of Feminist Philosophy Quarterly!

Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 4 (2017)


Audrey S. Yap, “Credibility Excess and the Social Imaginary in Cases of Sexual Assault”

Maja Sidzinska, “Not One, Not Two: Toward an Ontology of Pregnancy”

Sherri Irvin, “Resisting Body Oppression: An Aesthetic Approach”

Claire A. Lockard, Helen Meskhidze, Sean Wilson, Nim Batchelor, Stephen Bloch-Schulman, and Ann J. Cahill, “Using Focus Groups to Explore the Underrepresentation of Female-Identified Undergraduate Students in Philosophy”

Asha L. Bhandary, “The Arrow of Care Map: Abstract Care in Ideal Theory”

H. E. Baber, “Is Utilitarianism Bad for Women?”