It could be much, much worse.

You hate the cat calls from construction sites. And the shouted “Hey, shake it for us, baby!” It could be much, much worse. You could work on a construction site.

From the NY Times:

Women in [blue-collar] jobs also often endure deliberate humiliations like not having bathrooms provided for them on construction sites. They can be blacklisted in construction or similar fields where tight networks and referrals are crucial to win the next job.
Construction culture has a range of humor more direct and crass than other workplaces, ” Soph Davenberry, a sheet metal worker in Burien, Wash., wrote. “It’s a tough balance to gain trust and acceptance while staying respectful, yet not come across as politically correct.”

And as we saw in the post below this, retaliation for getting it wrong can leave one feeling ones’ life is threatened.

3 thoughts on “It could be much, much worse.

  1. It’s really unfortunate, we don’t even know its proper solvency. I’m scared about the future and your last statement is vital object to think about the fact…

  2. Nayeem,

    The future is scary. I am taking some hope from the number of powerful women speaking out and getting contributions to support other women, but “trickled down” is a slow process.

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