Doritos– for women!

There may be a lot of terrible and terrifying stuff going on in the world, but now we’ve got something wonderful to look forward to: Lady Doritos! (Thanks, J-Bro!)

Because women have been struggling, and failing, to enjoy Doritos, Nooyi said that Pepsi is designing a series of innovative chips for women. The products will be packaged differently and offer, “low-crunch, the full taste profile,” but, “not have so much of the flavor stick on their fingers.” It’s serious flavor-equity gap created by generations of phallocentric chips that PepsiCo is bent on closing.



3 thoughts on “Doritos– for women!

  1. Whoo hoo! I know my little lady fingers can’t handle all that many flavour stick. Too bad they’re not out in time for super bowl today. I guess we gals will just have to use fingerbowls as are gossiping in the kitchen while our men watch the big game.

    I am never sure whether to deplore these products or to be gleeful at new idiocies for the entertainment and edification of my intro fem students.

  2. The Freakonomics interview is telling, actually. The way she describes how men and women eat chips really goes along the lines of gender expectations: men being allowed to be noisy, to eat chips as they walk, etc. This is a bit more than just a pink pen, it’s a corporation acknowledging and adapting to gendered norms.

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