Marx 2.0: All Male

Marx 2.0
A symposium at UNSW Sydney, School of Humanities and Languages
February 22-23, 2018
Morven Brown G3

Thursday, February 22
9.30 Welcome
9.45-11.00 Michael Quante (University of Muenster): Positive liberty as realizing the essence of man
11.00-12.15 Douglas Moggach (University of Ottawa): Marx as Post-Kantian Perfectionist? Reconsidering Left-Hegelian Debates
12.15-1.45 Lunch
1.45-3 Thomas Gutmann (University of Muenster): Marx, Alienation, Individual Rights?
3-4.15 Heikki Ikäheimo (UNSW Sydney): Rehabilitating Species Essence
4.15-4.45 Coffee
4.45-6.00 Charles Barbour (Western Sydney University): The Young Republican: Marx Before Communism

Friday, February 23
9.30-10.45 Samuel Chambers (Johns Hopkins): As The Hart Pants…; Or, Money is Not a Commodity: Marx’s Unorthodox Account of Money, and Why it Matters
10.45-12.00 Carleton Christensen (Australian National University): Abstractly Human Labour and the Reduction to Concrete Labour
12.00-1.30 Lunch
1.30-2.45 Jean-Philippe Deranty (Macquarie University): Marx in the age of automation
2.45-4.00 Andy Blunden (Independent, Melbourne): Capital and the Ur-praxis of the fight for socialism
4.00-4.30 Coffee
4.30-5.45 Thomas Meyer (University of Muenster): Was Engels the first causal interventionist?


If you’re wondering why we call attention to this, check out the Gendered Conference Campaign page.