CFA: Philosophy for Girls

Call for Abstracts
Complete essays due October 1, 2018


Dr. Melissa Shew (Marquette University) and Dr. Kim Garchar (Kent State University) are co-editing a volume of essays for philosophically curious girls and young women ages 15-20. The book is called Philosophy for Girls: An Invitation to the Life of Thought and will be a collection of essays written exclusively by women philosophers. Contributors will write chapters in areas of their expertise and thus will empower the book’s audience to think, know, and question.

The goal of the book is not to provide a comprehensive introduction to philosophy but instead to provide an entry point, via authors’ relevant areas of expertise, to philosophical reflection about and inquiry into the lives, experiences, and ideas of young women. To that end, we firmly believe that diversity is a necessary component of philosophy for girls and will be seeking diverse contributions from diverse authors. Lastly, while this book is undoubtedly a feminist project, the chapters need not be devoted to the content of feminist philosophy nor employ an explicitly feminist methodology. Further, the chapters should not lean too heavily on current events; we hope that this book will have a long lifespan. The book format and table of contents are at the end of this document. Instructions for authors regarding audience, voice, and pitch can be found here.

3 thoughts on “CFA: Philosophy for Girls

  1. I am glad you referred to the intended audience as young women. Ages 15-20 are not girls and I wish the authors would give consideration to that. Thanks.

  2. Wow, this is so interesting (and timely!). My 12 yo niece has always been a STEM girl but recently my brother asked her what she wanted to study in college and she said “metaphysics”(!) She and I had gotten into a convo about space (as in space-time) the last time I weas there…so I sent her a copy of Alyssa Ney’s intro to Metaphysics. I expect this book is going to be great for someone like her.

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