Real-life Would-You-Rathers

From the ever-awesome McSweeney’s. A sample:

Would you rather realize you’ve spent way too much time writing a list of Catch-22s women face in 21st-century America, but you could still keep going because sexism is all around you all the time always any time you step outside, or realize you honestly don’t even know where your own internalized sexism ends because this patriarchal society is the only one you’ve ever known and what if someday everyone of every gender and color was equal but also is that even possible given the entrenched forces of capitalism and the inherent selfishness of human nature and let’s be real right now it’s hard to imagine what that utopian egalitarian feminist society would even look like and you’re just so so tired, you frumpy, melodramatic, PMS-ing, bossy, ball-busting bitch?

For the whole thing, go here.

The Encyclopedia of Concise Concepts by Women Philosophers

Janice Albers writes:

The Center for the Study of Women Philosophers and Scientists at Paderborn University in Germany, funded by the Ministry for Innovation, Science & Research, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, is happy to announce the Launch of the The Encyclopedia of Concise Concepts by Women Philosophers! On you may find open access information about women philosophers who have been omitted from the philosophical canon – up until now. Recognized scholars are sharing their profound expertise in concise articles. Our continuously growing database is searchable by different concepts, philosophers, and keywords.

Help us expand the range of The Encyclopedia of Concise Concepts by Women Philosophers and the knowledge about forgotten female philosophers by sharing the ECC’s link in social media.

Announcing: SWIP Italia!

Vera Tripodi writes:

After months of hard work, we are delighted to officially announce the foundation of the Italian Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP Italia).
The Steering Committee is composed as follows: Marina Sbisà (President), Vera Tripodi (Vice President), Laura Caponetto (Secretary), Federica Berdini (Treasurer). The Committee also includes: Carla Bagnoli, Claudia Bianchi, Maddalena Bonelli, Francesca Forlè, Elena Pulcini, Roberta Sala, and Ingrid Salvatore.

Thanks to all those who supported and encouraged us throughout the process (in particular Marina Sbisà, Carla Bagnoli, Claudia Bianchi, Clotilde Calabi, and Manuela Manera).

Looking forward to working together!
Federica Berdini (Università di Bologna)
Laura Caponetto (Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milano)
Vera Tripodi (Università di Torino)

Feminist Philosophy Quarterly has moved

Readers and writers will find that if one uses, as the URL for our journal,, it now redirects to a new site on an Open Journal Systems platform. We welcome new submissions there! We also have all of our previous issues at the new site (click on Archives at the top of it or View All Issues at the bottom). If you go to the old BePress site, you will find only a link to the new page, so you’re encouraged to update your bookmarks now.

Scroll down on the home page to see the current issue includes:

Marie Draz, Burning it in? Nietzsche, Gender, and Externalized Memory

Samantha N. Wesch, Resisting Ilsa: Foucaultian Ethics and the Sexualization of Nazism

Symposium: Author Meets Critics, Disorientation and Moral Life by Ami Harbin

Critics: Cressida J. Heyes, Dislocation and Self-Certainty

Ted Rutland, Disoriented Life

Liat Ben-Moshe, Dis-orientation, Dis-epistemology and Abolition

Response: Ami Harbin

CFA for SAF at Central APA, Denver

Society for Analytical Feminism

Feminist Philosophy in the Analytic Tradition

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS by July 6, 2018

SAF Session at the Central Division APA 2019

Denver, CO, February 20-23, 2019



The Society for Analytical Feminism invites submissions of abstracts of papers or proposals for a session at the 2019 Central Division APA meeting in Denver.

Deadline: July 6, 2018

The Society seeks abstracts of works that examine feminist issues by methods broadly construed as analytic, or that discuss the use of analytic philosophical methods as applied to feminist issues. Authors should submit abstracts for papers of a length appropriate to a 20-minute presentation time. (If you are proposing an author-meets-critics session, involving multiple people, we welcome that information but expect an abstract-length proposal indicating that the author has confirmed to you their intention to participate, as well as indication of the relevance of the book/author to a SAF session, such as the themes to be discussed.)

Please delete all self-identifying references from your abstract to ensure anonymity. Send submissions as a Word or PDF attachment with the subject line SAF AT APA to Kathryn Norlock (kathrynnorlock at gmail dot com). Deadline for submissions: Friday, July 6, 2018. Graduate students or underfunded professionals whose papers are accepted will be eligible for the Society’s $350 Travel Stipend. Please indicate in your email if you fall into one of these categories and wish to be considered for the stipend.


Most Dangerous Places for Women

A Thomson Reuters Foundation poll ranked the 10 most dangerous countries for women, based on the responses of experts. They considered gendered issues such as violence, healthcare, and economic access.

Here is a link to the reporting:

And here is a ranked list of the countries:

  1. India
  2. Afghanistan
  3. Syria
  4. Somalia
  5. Saudi Arabia
  6. Pakistan
  7. Democratic Republic of Congo
  8. Yemen
  9. Nigeria
  10. United States

SAF seeking nominees to Exec

The Society for Analytical Feminism is an APA-affiliated group that organizes two sessions at every division-meeting of the APA. We encourage feminist philosophers to consider nominations (self- or other) to the two vacant positions on the Executive Committee and be part of shaping APA programs. (Please submit nominations by email to safnomination at gmail dot com.)

For current members of the Society for Analytical Feminism, it is time to consider nominating oneself or others for elections, and also a good time to renew annual membership dues. (Dues may be paid on our website; see the membership page for details.)

The SAF nominations committee hereby issues this call for nominations for two vacant positions on the Executive Committee. The two positions open are President and Executive Committee member. Thanks to the officers vacating these positions for their years of service and their dedication.

Nominations, including self-nominations, may be made by any current member of the SAF.  For the purposes of this election, “current member” means “dues paid at least through the 2018-19 academic year.” If your membership dues are not up to date but you wish to participate in this election, you are welcome to do so provided your dues are paid by July 31, 2018.

If you are nominating someone other than yourself, the nominee should be consulted and agree to be nominated and must also be/become a current member of the SAF.  The nominations committee will confirm that all nominees are willing to serve.  Candidates will be asked to submit statements about themselves and their reasons for running to aid voters in their decision-making.

The Executive Committee consists of 4 members in total, including the President and Secretary/Treasurer, each of whom serves 3-year terms. For more details, please see the SAF constitution and by-laws on our website.

Nominations for this election will close on Friday, July 13 at 11:59 pm PST.  Voting will take place electronically from Monday, July 16 through July 31.

Please submit nominations by email to safnomination at gmail dot com.

Nominating Committee: Myisha Cherry (ex officio), Anita Superson, Susanne Sreedhar


Zheng: Precarity is a Feminist Issue

‘In her article, “Precarity is a Feminist Issue: Gender and Contingent Labor in the Academy,” Robin Zheng establishes that two common myths—“the myth of meritocracy” and “the myth of work as its own reward”—not only reinforce the academic job crisis but also have gendered origins, ultimately allowing gender stereotypes and job insecurity to reinforce one another within the discipline of Philosophy.’

Read the full interview at The Philosopher’s Eye.

It’s Juneteenth

200 years ago:

“The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of personal rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes that between employer and hired labor. The freedmen are advised to remain quietly at their present homes and work for wages. They are informed that they will not be allowed to collect at military posts and that they will not be supported in idleness either there or elsewhere.” —General Orders, Number 3; Headquarters District of Texas, Galveston, June 19, 1865


If you want to work for equality, try Racial Equity Here; it is a national movement to advance racial equity by dismantling structural racism, city by city, town by town.  Click here.