UK: upskirting legislation blocked

Upskirting is a depraved violation of privacy. It is outrageous that a single Tory MP has been able to derail a much needed and universally supported change in the law. But that is exactly what has happened.

While the actions of one backwards, out-of-touch Tory anger me greatly, it is nothing in comparison to the hurt I feel for the women who have been harassed and degraded because they don’t have the protection they need from the law. The experiences of these women, such as Gina Martin who founded the campaign, are what inspired me to lodge my bill to make upskirting a specific sexual offence.

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2 thoughts on “UK: upskirting legislation blocked

  1. Though I can’t claim to understand UK parliamentary procedure at all, the good news is, from following the linked articles a bit, that it sounds like the bill in question should eventually pass, and that the doofus who blocked it is being appropriately shunned. I do wonder if the proposed penalty is a good idea on its own – two years in jail (though I couldn’t tell if that was a largely theoretical maximum or an actual likely penalty.) As someone who tends to think that nearly all criminal penalties (especially in the US, but also in some other countries) are too high, and who thinks that people tend to underestimate how bad two years in jail can be, that seems high, at least unless there were significant aggravating factors (such as distribution of the photos in question.)

  2. For what it’s worth, newspaper reports suggest that he refused consent for the bill to proceed to third reading not on the basis of any objection to the content, but just because he dislikes private member’s bills (except for those which he himself presents). Not that “I did it out of childish petulance rather than misogyny” is a great look for a legislator either, but anyway …

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