Latest Free Speech Controversy

“Personally, I find the tiger’s views abhorrent,” read a New York Times op-ed column published just after the tiger got onto a school bus filled with third-graders. “But it’s far worse that left-wing groups are protesting by carrying fire and boarding up all their tiger-sized windows.”

“Let’s not forget; there’s plenty of people who find Bernie Sanders’ views offensive, too. It goes both ways.”


One thought on “Latest Free Speech Controversy

  1. I wonder whether a heuristic we might use for when someone is trolling or arguing in bad faith might be the degree to which they insist on the point “it goes both ways.” If they show that pushing that point is what they are primarily dedicated to, then surely they are dedicated merely to dividing sides and not to any kind of productive political engagement. (sorry to make a serious point on a funny article, but I felt inspired reading the satire!)

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