6 thoughts on “An all-male hierarchy

  1. and you could add: in the whole list of Doctorate Supervisors registered within this department, ony two women (for a total number of 18 supervisors). But one query needs to be added: is it because it is Departement of the EHESS (as the alert seems to imply) or because of a history of the recruitment in the field of Philosophy in France in previous decades?

  2. to “anonymous”: so is the secretary…
    Fact remains: out of 19 “responsables de formation doctorale” in every subject, only 6 are women. These numbers woefully underrepresent women.
    To Tcherkezoff: “one query needs to be added”… NOT AT ALL: (a) the EHESS can, and frequently does, recruit from outside France; (b) there are PLENTY of women philosophers of the same age as MANY men on the list.
    These numbers are JUST awful, period.

  3. Serge, thanks for this historical reminder on gender discrimination in the academic recruitment. Now that EHESS’s tainted honor is safe, can you mansplain us how we will fight against the growing academic precarity which affects first and foremost female and minority scholars, thereby consolidating patriarchal hierarchies? Does EHESS have any plans?

  4. Rita, how is it mansplaining if it is something that hasn’t been stated before ? And to answer your question, the EHESS actually has a long history of accommodating students facing up precariousness – including illegality situations. It is doubtless that there’s room for improvement, and I don’t want to suggest that the issues you’re referring to aren’t to be thoroughly addressed, but the EHESS just doesn’t strike me as a major stronghold of patriarchy – at least if it is compared to the rest of the French institutional landscape.

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