Vital resources on sexual misconduct in academia

The 1752 Group, a wonderful UK lobbying group on sexual misconduct in higher education, has just released two rich, important resources that everyone interested in these issues should read and engage with.

First, they have a detailed report on the experiences of students and early career people who are victims of misconduct by staff. The report discusses both their experiences of misconduct, and their experiences with the reporting and adjudication systems of universities. It carefully outlines the many widespread failings in these systems, and the devastating effects of these failings.

Next, they’ve worked with one of the leading law firms on sexual harassment (both in the US and UK), McAllister Olivarius, to offer recommendations for improving these systems.

Everyone should read both of these, and they can be downloaded here.

One thought on “Vital resources on sexual misconduct in academia

  1. Thank you very much for posting these. I’ve just read through the report and the recommendations and to me they seem precise, comprehensive and helpful. I particularly like the sections on ‘grooming’ behaviours, which I’ve not seen explicitly addressed before.
    I will endeavour to circulate these resources in the Australasian philosophy community as our Higher Ed policies and procedures share much structure and history with the UK’s.
    Cathy Legg,
    Convenor, Committee for the Status of Women, Australasian Association of Philosophy.

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