8 thoughts on “On Being Soulful

  1. It’s not his appearance, which is “normal” for his age, gender, social class, etc. etc. It’s the expression. As most women know, if you come across an expression like this on a man’s face, you’d want to get out of the room, quickly. It’s likely men don’t see it the same way.

  2. Jonathan, your comment is arresting. I think something jennifer ‘s remark is right, but I don’t want to have to give an account of the dstinction she alludes to.

    Let me try a different approach. Wittgenstein’s point is about mind-reading. Lots of people have read a ‘non-judicious’ soul in the pic. I don’t see why a feminist can’t, or shouldn’t, agree.

  3. I think something that adds to Jennifer’s point is that we know the context of the picture. This wasn’t just an unfortunate fleeting expression caught by the camera or the way Kavanaugh naturally looks when his face is at rest. Throughout the hearings Kavanaugh was angry, vengeful, and conspiratorial. His expression in this picture is a perfectly fair representation of his behavior.

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