Athene Donald in bullying at universities

I know from first-hand experience what it feels like to come forward about sexual impropriety from a senior professor. I was believed, but I was still regarded as so tiresome as to need silencing. The arguments I faced when I raised this bad behaviour – things were different then, we mustn’t single out this guy just because there is evidence when there isn’t about others, blah, blah – left me feeling sullied and disgusted. And I was a senior professor, physically unaffected – and believed. How much worse if you are an early career researcher and your whole professional future is on the line?

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2 thoughts on “Athene Donald in bullying at universities

  1. This post raises a good point, that an academic workplace where sexual impropriety is tolerated or actively ignored is treacherous not just for the women targetted, but for other female colleagues (and men if they decide to speak out about it, but it has not been my experience that they do).

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