ADDITION: Books to be translated for chinese faculty and students: nominations open

What wouuld you recommend?

Let’s suppose we’re aiming for a good sized list.  Let us know which would be your candidates.


Thoughtful comments made me realize I left out two important facts:

  •  What’s needed are philosophy books by women.
  • I think the idea is to have books from philosophy specifically.  Books that also involve another discipline are fine, but only if they are recognizably philosophy books.


8 thoughts on “ADDITION: Books to be translated for chinese faculty and students: nominations open

  1. It may well already exist in that translation, but: Millikan’s Language, Thought, and Other Biological Categories.

  2. “Warranted Christian Belief” – Alvin Plantinga

    “Wandering in Darkness: Narrative and the Problem of Suffering” – Eleonore Stump

  3. Philosophy books by:
    Luce Irigaray,
    The Speculum of the other Woman
    Judith Butler,
    “Precarious Life, the Powers of Mourning and Violence,” “Frames of War, When is Life Grievable”
    Andrea Dworkin
    “Pornography: Men Possessing Women”

  4. A few more:

    “Horrendous Evils and the Goodness of God” – Marilyn McCord Adams

    “Divine Motivation Theory” – Linda Zabzebski


    “Atonement” – Eleonore Stump (I suspect this will very soon be considered a classic.)

  5. Some that come to mind:

    Marilyn Frye — The Politics of Reality

    Helen Longino — Science as Social Knowledge

    Cheryl Misak — Truth, Politics, and Morality

    Alison Jaggar — Feminist Politics and Human Nature

  6. Susan Wolf’s Meaning in Life and Why It Matters
    Judy Thomson’s Realm of Rights
    Helen Longino’s Science as Social Knowledge
    Too many other great books

  7. Which books would you like to be translated from Chinese to English?

    It might be useful to know which have already been translated, there is a huge translation effort accross disciplines in China…

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