FPQ 4.4: Epistemic Injustice and Recognition Theory

On behalf of my co-editors, I am happy to announce the publication of Volume 4, Issue 4 of Feminist Philosophy Quarterly. This special issue of peer-reviewed articles on the topic of Epistemic Injustice and Recognition Theory is guest-edited by Paul Giladi and Nicola McMillan, and includes contributions by authors Matthew Congdon, Anna Cook, Michael Doan, Debra L. Jackson, Andrea Lobb, José Medina, and Louise Richardson-Self, followed by an afterword by Miranda Fricker.

As always, we are free and open-access to authors and readers.

Check out the lovely table of contents!

Special Issue: Epistemic Injustice and Recognition Theory

Paul Giladi, Nicola McMillan, Introduction: Epistemic Injustice and Recognition Theory

José Medina, Misrecognition and Epistemic Injustice

Matthew Congdon, “Knower” as an Ethical Concept: From Epistemic Agency to Mutual Recognition

Andrea Lobb, “Prediscursive Epistemic Injury”: Recognizing Another Form of Epistemic Injustice?

Louise Richardson-Self, Offending White Men: Racial Vilification, Misrecognition, and Epistemic Injustice

Michael Doan, Resisting Structural Epistemic Injustice

Anna Cook, Recognizing Settler Ignorance in the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Debra L. Jackson, “Me Too”: Epistemic Injustice and the Struggle for Recognition

Miranda Fricker, Epistemic Injustice and Recognition Theory: A New Conversation —Afterword