Closing down FP

Feminist Philosophers will soon be ceasing to have new content, but we’ll be keeping old posts up so folks can access them. There are lots of reasons for this. On the positive side, the landscape for feminist and anti-oppression philosophers has dramatically changed during the years we’ve been blogging. There’s just so much more going on on, online and off, that this blog is not nearly so needed– there are lots of places to go to find out about this stuff and engage with like-minded folks. There’s also the general cultural shift from blogs to social media. Blogs still exist, but a lot of what they used to do is now done on social media. But it would be deceptive to say these were the only reasons. You’ve probably noticed that in recent times only a few of us have been posting– we’re all more and more busy and less able to blog. But again, that’s not the whole story. Many of us, myself included, have become increasingly pessimistic about the potential for internet-based discussions of difficult issues to help us make philosophical and real-world progress. And if I don’t think blogs are a good place to discuss stuff, it becomes a little odd to keep a blog going. Not all of us agree with this, and there may be spin-off blogs by some of our more optimistic members, which we’ll link to. But this site will soon no longer be hosting blog posts. I feel OK about this, and really good about what we’ve accomplished, but I think the time for this blog is now past and we’ve all got other projects underway.

Over the next week or so, we’ll have some posts reflecting on what we’ve done. We hope you’ll enjoy them!