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The Sunday Cat’s distinction between copy parkour and real (cat) parkour April 30, 2011

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(We discussed parkour a while ago.)

Not that anyone is hiding the fact that some of parkour is a copy.

The copy:


The original:

Other parkour moves the cats do:



Revisiting Parkour January 16, 2009

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I learned a lot from discussions following my earlier post on Parkour. Zachary Cohn returned to give us a link to a recent film which talks about women in Parkour, among other things. Here the video is:

Thanks, ZC.


Parkour & women: No Comment October 12, 2008

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Parkour or ‘free running’  is described as a sport.  When I first  saw a video of it, I felt I was  watching human lemmings, going right for the literal edge.  Now, according to the NY Times, women are breaching the ranks of the male participants.  It looks different…

Here’s a video on ordinary parkour (which might be best without the music):

The  NY Times video of women and parkour is here.  And the story is here.

It’s the goals one could worry about, I suppose:



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