Troy Davis: execution set for tomorrow

Many of you may be aware of the case of Troy Davis. He has been on death-row for twenty years, convicted of murdering a police officer. Davis has always maintained his innocence. There is no physical evidence linking him to the crime. Of nine witnesses for the prosecution, seven have changed or recanted their initial testimonies in sworn affidavits. Some claim they were coerced by the police ahead of Davis’ trial. Meanwhile, ten people have pointed to one of the remaining witnesses as the killer. In spite of this, the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles have refused to grant Davis clemency. He is due to be executed tomorrow. If you would like to join the Amnesty campaign to try and reverse this decision, go here.

The Supreme Court refuses to hear Troy Davis’s appeal

There are serious reasons for questioning the correctness of the guilty verdict Troy Davis received.  The Supreme Court’s decision means that the recanting witnesses cannot testify.  Amnesty International urges action.  There  are a few things  – easy to do in the age of the internet – that you can do that may make a big difference:

Troy Davis: Take Action

Remember the case of Troy Davis? He’s on death row in Georgia and has an appeal pending based in part on the fact that many witnesses have recanted. JJ blogged about this back when the Supreme Court had agreed to hear his appeal and Georgia was planning to execute him anyway before the Supremes could hear the case. At the last minute they granted him a stay. Amnesty International has a clemency petition you can sign here. For more information, see here.

Judicial Murder? Update

Can this really be happening?

Troy Davis, an African American, is scheduled for execution by lethal injection in Georgia today, at 7 pm (local time).  His conviction has been subject to severe doubts; key witnesses have recanted, among other things.

The Supreme Court is going to rule on his latest appeal. 

BUT the  court’s decision is decision is scheduled for Sept. 29th.  And Georgia is going ahead.

From CNN (link in Austin’s comment below):

The U.S. Supreme Court granted a last-minute reprieve to a Georgia man fewer than two hours before he was to be executed for the 1989 slaying of an off-duty police officer…

Troy Anthony Davis learned that his execution had been stayed when he saw it on television, he told CNN via telephone in his first interview after the stay was announced.

A feminist take on media response to Whitney Houston’s death

Something’s been bothering me about all the media coverage of Whitney Houston’s death. I wasn’t sure what it was until I read Susie Bright’s column about it. This hits on the nail on the head, for me at least.

“Women in pop culture are particularly framed with this “poor little prima donna who destroyed her talent” garbage. When great male musicians die, it’s unusual to have their substance issues splayed forth in the obit headline. Is that what happened when George Harrison died? The Beatles, every one of them, could’ve given Whitney Houston a clinic in drug abuse. When Keith Richards dies, are they going to lead with “heroin destroyed his career”? Why was Billie Holliday’s love affair with heroin so tragic, but Miles Davis and John Coltrane … not so much? Why is Sinead O’Conner a nutcase but Van Halen is just a darling bunch of naughty rockers? Why is Madonna’s mental state on the front page every day, but not Justin Beiber’s? Fuck that noise.”

For more, see here.