Zapata’s legacy

The trial for Angie Zapata’s murder has ended with a very significant result:

A Colorado man was convicted of first-degree murder and a bias-motivated crime and sentenced to life in prison for killing a transgender teen he met on an online social networking site…

It was the first time in the nation that a state hate crime statute resulted in a conviction in a transgender person’s murder, the advocacy group Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation said.


Angie Zapata

We are a bit late in responding to this trajedy. Angie Zapata was an 18 year old Latina transgender women. She was beaten to death by a man to whom she”d given oral sex.

I strongly recommend you not go to youtube to see the comments on this clip. Too many people seem to think murderous rage is a justifiable response.

From Brownfemipower:

An arrest was made in the murder of teenager Angie Zapata. Allen Ray Andrade admitted that he beat Angie with a fire hydrant after he discovered she was transgender. Allegedly, he admitted to police that after he beat Zapata, he thought he “killed it.”

One expects it was a fire extinguisher – jj.

Follow-up: Murder of Transgender woman

We commented earlier on the tragedy of Angie Zapata’s death.  The “suspect” is now going to trial.  If convicted, he will be sentenced to life without parole.  His description of the murder  is enough to suggest he should be removed from society:

He told police he thought he had “killed it,” referring to Zapata, and covered her with a blanket. He then set about trying to clean up the crime scene. While doing this, he heard “gurgling” sounds coming from the victim and saw Zapata sitting up. He hit her again with the fire extinguisher.