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  1. I hope you won’t mind me making a suggestion. Many blog readers use RSS feeds – especially other bloggers, who often read many dozens of blogs and thus find RSS an especially convenient way to read blogs.

    So you’ll have more readers, and be more likely to be linked to by other blogs, if you provide full posts in your RSS feed rather than just the first sentence or two.

    If you’d like to provide full posts to your RSS readers, in the admin menu go to “options” –> “reading” –> and then select “full text” under “syndication feeds.”

  2. Congratulations on the blog and thank you. This is a project that can only be helpful for all of us.

    I look forward to reading it.


  3. Thanks a lot. I’ve just been reading for a couple of weeks now, but so far its really great.

  4. Fanstastic blog! I’ve been reading since pretty much day one! Thanks for adding the blog roll, by the way, it is useful–Now I know about more great blogs!


  5. How do I make myself a cute little icon? I’m tired of looking so anonymous….?? Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. May I add that you’ll need, of course, to add the icon once you’ve gotten your page. That’s done by clicking on a generic icon on the left part of the page, top third. Uploading is easy, a lot like flickr.

    They generously offer to resize the icon. I’d turn them down. At least, when I accepted the offer, the icon vanished. Too irritating.

  7. Tough question– we (the bloggers) are actually all over the world (3 continents), and I don’t know where wordpress is is– I guess they’re the publishers. But I think for this reason there are different conventions for citing works on the internet, and you didn’t need place of publication. There must be someplace you can find this out!

  8. well im a high school senior, doing a research on my debate. due to my topic, “if gays and lesbians should be allowed to join armed forces?”, i found a little writing about it.. and i the city or place of publication for my citing. but if its not possible to give me an exact place, its okay!

  9. Hi-
    We are writing to tell you about Sadie Magazine, a new online magazine we recently founded for teen and twenty-something year old girls—”where feminism meets art meets grrrls.” You can view the mag at: http://www.sadiemagazine.com.

    Maybe right now you’re thinking, that sounds cool, but why are you writing me? We’re writing you because we hope you will want to be our friend or affiliate. We’re not asking for much—not money, or ads—just a little favor…here are some suggestions:

    Maybe you have a links page and you would like to add us,

    Or you could tell all your friends about us,

    And your little sister (and all of her friends!),

    Or perhaps you would like to be a contributor for a future issue,

    Or maybe you’ll want to write about us for your own organization or magazine,

    Or maybe you just want to read our magazine…

    In whatever way works best for you, we’re really just asking that you check us out! And please do help spread the word—in order to get our message across, we would like to reach as many rad ladies, grrrls, and aspiring-to-be-fabulous-women as possible.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this email. Please let us know if you have any questions, or would like further information. We hope to hook up with you in one way or another!

    xo Jesse, Josie & Susannah/Sadie Magazine

  10. Thanks for taking the time to publish a blog like this. I can see myself, and my work as a teacher, benefiting greatly from the issues you address here!

  11. Ampersand notwithstanding, does anyone realize that there are too many blogs, too much information (and non information, and wrong information) for anyone to read it all.

    My philosophy (pun intended) is to read what I like.

    You can ignore this post, if you like.

  12. Thrilled to find you! (And I love the donation to Planned Parenthood in Sarah Palin’s name idea. Useful AND clever.)

    I’ve been looking for blogs that talk about voting because I made a short video intended to encourage voting and voter registration. I’d be so pleased if you would post it.

    You can preview it on Vimeo (better quality), http://www.vimeo.com/1768350,
    or on YouTube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgGNqZy0Yis and you can embed it from either site.

    Feel free to view it, link to it, share it with abandon! : )

    It’s inspirational rather than informative, meant to address the disaffection and discouragement non-voters feel about their one vote counting.

    I made it out of my own frustration about how to make an impact politically, as one lone not-rich, not-well-connected person. I realized I can commit to voting, and help others to do so.

    Because voting is the one thing *anyone* eligible can do to influence the outcome of the upcoming election. And if enough of us vote, the tide will turn.

    I hope you will consider posting it.

    Many thanks,


  13. Hello feminist philosophers!

    I’m writing to introduce myself, or my blog: http://www.ethicsoup.com. This only the blog’s second month and I’m looking for readers. Ethic Soup discusses ethics in context of daily news and everyday life.

    Take a look at a recent post on Saudi cleric’s edict (fatwa) that women must now give up being their two-eyed veils and show ONLY ONE EYE through their veils. Here’s the link:


    Hope you can visit,

    Sharon McEachern

  14. Hi,

    This questionnaire is addressed to every feminist artist interested in


    The questions aim at helping to understand the conditions in which
    feminist art is produced. This is a complementary study to a Ph.D.
    investigation titled “Feminist Art Conditions of Production and
    Reception Practices”, presently being developed at Facultad de Bellas
    Artes Universidad Pais Vasco together with Instituto de Sociologia da
    Faculdade de Letras Universidade do Porto.

    If you are not feminist artist but you know someone who is, please
    address them the link.

    Best wishes.

    Rui Pedro Fonseca

  15. Hi. My name is asli and I really like your blog. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble I would love it if you would check out mine and leave some feedback.

  16. Hi, I am busy with my Masters and would like to ask a question on your site. How do I publish the question or make contact with you. I have tried the link, but no luck.

    Thank you.

    Christopher McCreanor
    South Africa

  17. hi christopher, did you choose ‘contact’ from the drop-down list on the right?

  18. Hi! This is the Hockey Mama For Obama and the Moose! We saw that you enjoyed our video, and have a new one out in honor of Sarah Palin’s “Resignation”. (Oh, yeah. We’re pretty positive she’s running in 2012, hence the early start on the musical lampoons).
    Here it is. We hope you enjoy it!

    Sandy and Richard

  19. I know I’m late into the game, but I just found you and have been lurking in your archives – wanted to say a simple thanks. I’m muddling thru a lot of the harder issues of feminism and philosophy here in Saudi Arabia, and always appreciate more voices.

  20. SGIME, thanks so much for letting us know you’ve visited here. Your blog is startling, among other things. I’ve bookmarked it. I hope you’ll comment here if and when you feel like it.

  21. For your consideration:

    PW Journal of Sustainable Development ~ October 2009

    This is Part 7 of the series on education for sustainable development, and includes four excellent invited papers. The focus is on gender equality and integral human development.


    Section 1. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
    Section 2. Combined Analysis of ESD Surveys V0 to V1.7
    Section 3. Phases of Integral Human Development (IHD)
    Section 4. The Nuptial-Family Context for IHD
    Section 5. The Socioeconomic Context for IHD
    Section 6. The Socioecological Context for IHD
    Section 7. The Sociopolitical Context for IHD
    Section 8. The Religious-Spiritual Context for IHD
    Section 9. Suggestions for Prayer, Study, and Action

    Critical feedback on this work is most appreciated.


    Luis T. Gutierrez, PhD
    Editor, PelicanWeb Journal of Sustainable Development
    http://www.pelicanweb.org ~ pelican@pelicanweb.org
    A monthly, free subscription, open access e-journal.

  22. Feminists love to demonize men. Putting down men must make feminists feel good about them selves.

  23. Steve, sweetie, these women are feminist philosophers. If you’re going to impress them, you might want to try re-stating your premise and demonstrate how your concluding statement follows from it.

  24. Since Steve has resurrected a post that I haven’t seen yet, I might as well offer up some feedback. I found this site because I was busting with frustration over the way formal classes at a university with a world-class reputation nearly ruined a course of study that I enjoyed at my “little” community college. That was a pisser on so many levels.

    Thank you, Jender, Monkey, Noumena, JJ, H.E. Baber, Vishal Lama, Jean and Moira for your enlightening responses. I’ve had more person-to-person feedback in 2 months on this site than I had all 08/09 academic year in a class that I borrowed an obscene amount of money to pay for. Thanks for demonstrating that one annoying git who turns an analytic tradition into something that comes off like a round of rooster-pecking doesn’t necessarily reflect the methodologies of the entire department, or the aims of any branch of the discipline itself.

    It looks like you guys might be stuck with me for a while. Should I be so bold as to replace my little blue square with a picture of me in my “Warrior Princess” costume?

  25. Xena, thank you so much!!! (Though sorry to hear about your other, less good, experiences.) And yes, *definitely* get us that Warrior Princess costume pic!

  26. OK, Jender, will do. I am SO procrastinating on studying for exams right now, though. I keep telling myself to “be good” and stop chatting. I HAVE TO take my own advice now, so I don’t totally flunk out of archaeology tomorrow morning.

    I’ll post the costume pic in about 2 weeks when the rush is over. Take care and keep up the good work.

    Happy holidays!

  27. Greetings:
    I have published a book ‘Demeter’s Wheats’ (visit http://www.grassrootsolutions.com) and have attempted to define a feminist paradigm of agriculture. If we can bring ‘nurture’, ‘collaboration’, ‘abundance’, ‘cooperation’ into our agriculture we will begin to bring ‘culture back to agriculture’.

    I am collecting stories and songs about seeds and the names of varieties of plants. For example ‘Red Fife’ wheat is an old landrace that fed Canada from 1860s to 1900s. I revitalized it (read Red Fife in Wikipedia for the story) and a musician created a song ‘Red Fife Wheat’ for it’s return to our food system. I think women have been the carriers of traditional wisdom and I think there are songs and stories about seed and agriculture that need to be brought back to culture of food crops.

    The heart of food security is seed. The hands that hold the seed control the food supply. Women have been the seed selectors around the world and I think probably women are still carrying the stories and songs in their memories.

    I would like to bring ‘folk back to food’ and I would like to hear from you if you are aware of a song that relates to a food crop.

    Thanks! Sharon Rempel, founder of Canada’s Seedy Saturday movement (www.seeds.ca for a list of seed exchanges in Canada)

    Nanaimo, BC Canada

  28. Hi! Thanks for your awesome blog. I can’t believe that it has taken me so long to stumble across it! I am just learning how to navigate the site. Looking forward to some interesting chats.

    University of Victoria

  29. I have something I want to send to the blog, but can’t find the “contact” category. Has it been taken away?

  30. Hi. I’ve been following your blog for about a month now. I just wanted you to know love this blog. I find valuable insights and food for thought daily. I have referred this blog to some fellow Women’s Studies majors here in Southern California. So much here is so relevant to our studies. Thanks for being here.

  31. Love the niche and look of this blog. Became a fan of feministphilosophers. And hoping to watch you so far ahead from others. :) :)

  32. Would that be feminists doing philosophy or people doing feminist philosophy?

    I’m not a philosopher, I’m a linguist (you would never have guessed, would you?). Btw take your wheelbarrow back off our lawn, we’ve finished with it.

    Seriously, good initiative, I wish you well.

  33. I really feel that women will make better philosophers because they are
    by nature “introverted” and self centered. They can feel emotions correctly. And they have intuition too…..
    It is said: Julius Caesar’s wife dreamed Caesar being killed in an official function the night before he was murdered. The next day, when Julius Caesar was about the leave the palace, his wife begged him not to go and attend the function. But Caesar told it seems: You are a lady. What will the roman people think that I did not attend the function because a lady told me not to. He also told that his friend Brutus will be will him. What danger can come to him ….and the great Caesar died. Sometimes listening to a woman might save your life…may be reading women might save lives also…If women stop producing babies the human race will come to an end…
    I myself am a philosopher. You can visit my site http://waterbubbleatsea.blogspot.in/
    and say something about my observations.

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