‘One World, One Dream’ not for Blacks or Mongolians in Beijing

*Disclaimer* apparently it has been difficult to confirm. How reliable the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong’s main English-language newspaper) is up for debate.

Beijing, for the Olympics is ordering bars not to serve black people or Mongolians as part of an attempt to crack down on prostitution and drug dealing. Details in the SCMP.

What is confirmed is no Tibetian flags or protesters will be allowed at the equestrian events that will take place in Hong Kong.

h/t to flaming feesh

1930s Marital Scale

Quite late with this one but..

Someone has created a quiz based on the 1939 marital rating scale designed to help rate the quality of your spouse. Interestingly, the initial coverage of this only lets you know you can rate your wife.

Rest assured that you can rate your husband too.

The scales draws on the opinions of over 600 couples in the 1930s and what they most frequently voiced as flaws and virtues in their spouses. These, plus the expert opinion of Dr. George W. Crane, in his judgement as a psychologist and physician, are what are especially important in marriage if you want to make it both permanent and happy. He also claims it is is a good guide to qualities to look for in those contemplating matrimony.

So with all that build-up, here it is.

An interesting aspect of this test, from a feminist perspective, is that if you get rated as a Very Poor (failure) wife, as I did, you can retake the test as a husband and come out as Very Superior! (And men who score as Very Superior husbands can retake the test as wives and may come out as Very Poor wives)

Another thing you can gather from this test is that the concept that women have to ‘do it all’ is not a new one, unique to the last few decades. Wives in this test, have to be responsible for the family and house, be active in women’s organisations, go to Church, urge success on her family, play an instrument, have a certain level of self maintenance (looking bad, lazy or unusual or sexual are heavily penalised), enjoy sex and get a job to help support the home.

Scans of the original test can be found here.

Gardasil and Women’s Experience

It seems that the vaccination against HPV, Gardasil may have contributed to paralysis in one 13-year-old girl and has had a number of complaints filed against it (from here and here).

Gardasil has faced a great deal of resistance (most vocally from religious groups – it turns the teenage girls promiscuous!), but despite has been approved by the FDA.

The reaction from here is that this is primarily an attack on women’s sexual health and freedom. It’s an attempt to spread fear.

However, in the context medicine regulating and shaping women’s reproduction it’s hardly unusual for procedures to be done for ‘women’s good’ without adequate testing and fully informed choice (examples include forced sterilisation, early IUDs, Depo-Provera and Norplant amongst others).

Futhermore, it is usually disadvantaged women such as disabled, poor or minority women that are targeted ‘for their own good’ and in clinical trials.  (h/t blackamazon). The price of sexual freedom for a few women came at the cost to these groups.

Intersectionality = Lack of Focus

Is apparently what Linda Hirschman thinks intersectionality brings to Feminism, as expressed in the Washington Post. Apparently women’s issues and race issues are separate things.

The limitations of this position should be obvious when the author apparently made no effort to garner the opinions of the women of colour that she uses as examples, brownfemipower and sudy. Women, who actually engage with intersectionality.

Hirschman’s feminism illustrates perfectly what bell hooks calls ‘reformatory feminism’ – feminism  that does not strive to bring social justice to women are, so to say, at the bottom of the heap, but to a small subsection of women, who already have a considerable amount of social privilege (based on class, race, etc). Intersectionlity, in contrast,  can address the worst circumstances women are in and allows women to articulate their concerns.

Responses to Hirschman here and here.