CFP: Process thought and feminism

The 12th International Whitehead Conference will have a section on process thought and feminism. More information on

We are pleased to announce that the 12th International Whitehead Conference, under the topic “Process as Creativity–Process as Concern”, will take place between August 27-30, 2019.
The conference will take place in University of Brasília, Brasília, Brazil.
You are cordially invited to attend this conference and submit your abstracts for presentations in any on the following sections:
1. Whitehead, speculation and contemporary metaphysics
2. Whitehead, aesthetics and the philosophy of creativity
3. Whitehead and modern philosophy
4. Whitehead, ecology, economy and ethics
5. Whitehead, mathematics, logic and natural sciences
6. Process tought and feminism
7. Whitehead and continental philosophy
8. Whitehead and Eastern philosophies
9. Process thought and African philosophy
10. Amerindian animism and process thought
11. Process philosophy in Latin America
12. Whitehead and theology
13. Process philosophy and the future of democracy 14. Whitehead, psychology and social sciences
15. Whitehead and post-structural philosophies

Mentoring Workshop Deadline Extended

The Mentoring Program for Early-Career Women Philosophers still has openings for the 2019 Mentoring Workshop, and so we are extending the deadline for applications until Feb. 15.

The Mentoring Workshop will be held at Boston University, June 23 – 25. There is no fee for participation in the Workshop, although mentees will be responsible for their own travel, meals and lodging expenses.

To apply for the workshop: Send an email to stating your intention to apply, and indicating at least two areas of specialization, in ranked order. Include as attachments (in .docx or .pdf format) your CV and an abstract of the paper you would like to workshop. More information about the Mentoring Program and the Workshop can be found at our webite:

Al-Saji on Burka Bans

Feminist philosopher Alia Al-Saji, in the New Statesman. Just one sample:

These misreadings of Muslim dress are more than misperceptions, since rational argument, counter examples and historic analyses fail to correct them. One grows weary of how often the debates around Muslim women’s “veiling” recommence, with a recalcitrance that repeatedly disregards previous arguments against banning the practice.

Philosophers of racism would call this recalcitrance an active ignorance, a disregard that creates or constitutes the racialised perceptions of “others.” What is more, the reinvention and rephrasing of bans on veiling are part of how anti-Muslim racism endures, taking on a different guise and hiding under the mantel of seemingly consensual social norms in a given society.

Whether it be secularism, transparency, integration, security, or ideals of freedom, justice, and gender equality, these normative frameworks are instrumentalised to justify the exclusion of Muslim women, and the differential treatment and domination of Muslims more generally.

Read the whole thing!

Black female professors in the UK

Interviews have been done with 80% of the black female professors [full professors, in US terms] in the UK ( that is, 20 women) and all report ““shocking” accounts of their career experiences, with two having to take legal action after bullying.”

Read the who story here.

Call for Logo: SWIP Italia

The Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP) Italia is organizing a logo competition to decide its new logo. On the model of the other SWIP in Europe and in the world, SWIP Italia aims to promote philosophy by women, support them in the profession, denounce gender discrimination in academia. To learn more about SWIP Italia, visit our website at

Students, researchers, professors, graphic designers and other interested applicants within and outside of academia are encouraged to submit one or multiple logo designs. Submissions must reflect the spirit and mission of SWIP Italia.

All logo designs must be in .jpeg or .png format and should allow for the possibility of changing the size of the image while maintaining its graphic and communicative efficacy.

The winning design will be adopted as the SWIP Italia official logo and will appear on the website and social media profiles (Facebook and Twitter), as well as banners and posters of SWIP Italia’s activities and sponsored events. The author will be required to transfer copyright for their logo design. The author will be acknowledged on the society’s website and be awarded a prize of €300.

Send your submission(s) to (subject line: “Logo Submission”) by April 20th, 2019.

For any further information, email us at

Sexual Harassment: focus on institutional culture

This article presents it as surprising, but I’m certainly not surprised:

“It’s not about rooting out the bad apples; we need to focus on the whole barrel,” said Lilia Cortina, a professor of psychology and women’s studies at the University of Michigan and one of 21 experts who authored the report. “When organizations really cultivate a climate that makes clear it will not tolerate sex harassment, employees are much less likely to engage in sexual harassment,” she said.

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