CFA: 11th Annual M.A.P Graduate Student Philosophy Conference – Florida State University

The Minorities and Philosophy chapter at Florida State University, is pleased to announce the 11th Annual M.A.P Graduate Student Philosophy Conference to be held on Friday, March 31st, 2017. This year we are greatly pleased to have Anita Superson (University of Kentucky) as our keynote speaker.

We welcome papers in all areas of philosophy that explore intersectionality of race, gender, class, sexuality, disability, culture, and native language. Papers should be suitable for a 20-25 minute presentation.

Abstracts with a length of no more than 500 words can be submitted to fsumapconference [at] gmail [dot] com. The abstract should be prepared for anonymous review. Please indicate your contact information and institutional affiliation in the body of your email submission. We will be updating our website with accessibility guidelines for accepted presenters shortly.

Submission deadline is Monday, February 20th. Accepted speakers will be notified on Friday, February 24th. If you have any further questions please contact Rachel Amoroso at ra15k [at] my.fsu [dot] edu.

The Quiet Obliteration of Women’s Autonomy – Trump Edition

The Washington Post broke a story today about remarks Donald Trump made in 2005 while accompanied by Billy Bush, then host of Access Hollywood. 

I want to point out how Trump and Bush’s remarks about women, and the way that newspapers are reporting on those remarks, subtly dissolve the autonomy of the women who are being commented on.

Part I – The Remarks: Below are a good portion of the remarks. You can also listen to them in the link above in the WaPo story. [Heads up: they contain expletives and objectifying descriptions of women.]

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