Lori Gruen & 3am

There is a lot to think about:

The opening para:

Lori Gruen is a leading feminist philosopher who asks deep questions about the ethics of captivity, ethics, animals and what we’re doing to nature. She thinks that human exceptionalism is a prejudice, that considering marginal cases helpful in seeing why, is skeptical about intuitions about far fetched cases digging up important ethical insights, that two big issues concerning ethics and animals are captivity and industrial animal agriculture, thinks ecotourism is complicated, has problems with holisic approaches to environmental ethics, thinks women have it tough, that the ethics of captivity are both complex and have had little philosophical treatment, that self-direction matters when considering how we treat animals, that ideas of a wild free of human management is unrealistic, and that some captivity is necessary. It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there…

And thanks to Richard Marshall for his deep questions.

The SunDay cat feels attenuated

It was about six years ago that the Sunday Cat was introduced to disrupt some arguments. At that time, some people worried that we’d appear like little old cat ladies.

Now I, and surely others, have a new worry. The idea that cat flicks are a common and stale trope has become itself a tired joke. So I’m wondering about alternatives. Suggestions would be very welcomed.

If I were anything like organized, I’d have asked the co-bloggers here first; apolgies if any one feels left out.

If you are wonder how a cat could break up a fight, I’ll leave you with an example. As far as I know, none of us has tried the technique: